[Simbiosnews] Pilot project funding opportunity, new muscle wrapping algorithm and more

Joy P. Ku joyku at stanford.edu
Thu Jul 5 22:03:46 PDT 2012

>> Simbios Research Highlight  


Faster, More Accurate Computation of Muscle Paths for Musculoskeletal


Muscles play an important role in movement, and how they are modeled in a
simulation can affect both the simulation's accuracy and performance.  One
way to represent muscles is to use a line (a muscle path).  Simbios
postdoctoral fellow Ian Stavness has developed a faster, more accurate,
more flexible method for generating muscle paths around multiple,
potentially complex shapes.  Learn more about muscle paths and Dr.
Stavness' new formulation for determining them in our latest video posted
at http://simbios.stanford.edu.  



>> Simbios News


 <http://biomedicalcomputationreview.org/> New Issue of Biomedical
Computation Review:

 <http://biomedicalcomputationreview.org/> Meet the Skeptics - Why Some
Doubt Biomedical Models 

In our summer issue, learn why some doubt biomedical models and what it
takes to win them over.  Plus:  the role of computation in tuberculosis
and more



>> Upcoming Events and Opportunities                                   


 <http://bit.ly/ypYq8w> Job Opening:  Software Engineer for High
Performance Molecular Dynamics

Join the OpenMM and Folding at Home team developing new algorithms and high
performance computing applications for molecular dynamic simulations



 <http://si.nbcr.net/> National Biomedical Computation Resource Summer
Institute 2012

Training opportunities in computer-aided drug discovery, mesoscale
modeling, and computational cardiac electrophysiology and mechanics

July 30-Aug 3, 2012;  UC San Diego, La Jolla, California

Application Deadline:  July 15, 2012



 <http://opensim.stanford.edu/support/pilot.html> OpenSim/NCSRR Pilot
Project Program 

Up to $25,000 in total costs available for projects that accelerate the
use of simulation in rehabilitation research

Application Deadline:  August 31, 2012



 <http://simbios.stanford.edu/MDWorkshop.htm> Rapid Molecular Dynamics
Simulations and Prototyping on GPUs Workshop: 

An Intro to the OpenMM Application

September 6-7, 2012;  Stanford University, Stanford, California




Simbios <http://simbios.stanford.edu/>  is the NIH-funded center on
physics-based simulations of biological structures, supported through
grant U54 GM072970 as part of the National Centers for Biomedical
Computing <http://ncbcs.org/> .




Joy P. Ku, PhD

Director, Simbios

 <http://simbios.stanford.edu> http://simbios.stanford.edu


Director of Communications & Training,

National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research

 <http://opensim.stanford.edu> http://opensim.stanford.edu


(W)  650.736.8434, (F)  650.723.7461

Email:   <mailto:joyku at stanford.edu> joyku at stanford.edu


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