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The next Mobilize Center Seminar will be TODAY Thursday, November 10, and will feature visiting student researcher, Heike Leutheuser.  We look forward to seeing you!

Exploration of Capabilities for Physical Activity

Thursday, November 10
noon - 1 pm

Y2E2 300, Stanford University

In human development theory, "capabilities" is described as the opportunities, chances, and choices for people to act on enhancing health and wellbeing. Capital4Health (http://www.capital4health.de/en/) is a German-based research consortium that builds upon that theory.  It brings together diverse stakeholders to develop and research "capabilities" for individuals to lead active lifestyles and to help promote active lifestyles.  Capital4Health covers many different projects, studying capabilities within a variety of settings from daycare facilities for children to senior residences.

CAPCOM (CAPabilities and interactive knowledge-to-action – COncepts and Methods) is one cross-cutting project to strengthen the theoretical and methodological foundation of the Capital4Health subprojects. In this project, one primary hypothesis is to investigate if a connection between capabilities and physical activity exists. Currently all available, validated measurement instruments for capabilities are concerned with wellbeing; there is a lack of measurement instruments to assess capabilities for physical activity. A present task is to provide a proof of concept using exploratory factor analysis.  For this, questionnaire data from the Swiss Federal Surveys of Adolescent is investigated. In this dataset from the 2010/2011 survey, over 30,000 subjects were asked about their origin, health, perspectives, education, and public life.  Additionally, one third of them provided answers to health related topics.

In this talk, the research consortium Capital4Health, as well as latest results regarding the analysis using the dataset from the Swiss
Federal Surveys of Adolescents, are presented.

Heike Leutheuser is currently a visiting student researcher in the Mobilize Center and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University. She received her Diplom (Dipl.-Phys. Univ.) degree in Physics with emphasis on medicine from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Erlangen, Germany, in 2011. During her studies she spent a semester abroad at Imperial College, London, UK. She is a doctoral candidate at the Digital Sports Group, Pattern Recognition Lab, Department of Computer Science, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Erlangen, Germany under supervision of Prof. Bjoern M. Eskofier. This year, she won the first prize of the IEEE EMB Icehouse Challenge, an event hosted by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory to create the future of wearable tactical communication and support systems. She was also awarded the best poster award at the IEEE BSN Conference in 2015 and was selected as young researcher for participation at the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in 2014. Her research interests  focus on algorithm development, wearable health monitoring, and data analysis in the areas of sport science and medicine.

Please see Mobilize Events<http://mobilize.stanford.edu/events/> for a list of upcoming speakers.

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