[Openmm-news] Please help us support OpenMM

Vijay Pande pande at stanford.edu
Sat Nov 28 13:23:51 PST 2009

Dear OpenMM Community:

We are writing a proposal to renew the Simbios center that develops  
and supports OpenMM.  The continuous enhancements to the OpenMM code  
and all the supporting infrastructure (such as the Simtk.org website,  
the manpower for answering questions, and the free training  workshops  
and manuals) depend upon Simbios.

It would be a great help to our proposal to have as many testimonial  
letters as possible from users like you, stating how you are using and/ 
or plan to use OpenMM, how the team and resources at Simbios/Stanford  
have helped you, your interest in participating in future workshops  
and/or collaborations, and any other thoughts or support that might be  

It would be extremely helpful if you could send a signed letter (as an  
attached PDF file) by December 14th, Stanford's internal deadline for  
submitting the proposal.  If you would like to provide a letter but  
cannot meet this deadline, please let us know.  We may be able to add  
a few letters until the end of December if we know they are coming.

The letters need not be complex -- every show of support helps.  Also,  
Joy Ku (cc'd here) can help with the details and the receipt of the  

Thanks so much for your ongoing participation and support in OpenMM!



Vijay Pande
Associate Professor of Chemistry and, by courtesy, of Structural  
Biology and of Computer Science
Director, Biophysics Program

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