[Openmm-news] Webinar: Next Steps for Folding@Home, a Distributed Computing Project for Protein Folding

Joy P. Ku joyku at stanford.edu
Wed May 28 00:35:49 PDT 2014

Please join us on June 3rd for a webinar presented by Vijay Pande,
Professor of Chemistry, Structural Biology, and Computer Science at
Stanford University and the founder of the Folding at Home project.


Folding at Home is a large-scale volunteer distributed computing project that
uses OpenMM for its GPU calculations.  For over a decade, Professor
Pande's group has increased the computing power of Folding at Home through
the development of new software algorithms and infrastructure, such as the
incorporation of new hardware innovations like GPUs.  That tremendous
computing power has enabled significant advances in the simulation and
understanding of diseases like Alzheimer's Disease, malaria, various
cancers, and other diseases at the molecular scale.  The project has also
driven changes in OpenMM. 


Professor Pande will give a brief introduction to Folding at Home and the
successes in the project so far. He will also discuss plans to greatly
enhance Folding at Home capabilities through new initiatives.


This webinar is planned for June 3rd, 2014 at 9.00 AM Pacific Time.

Register at:  <http://bit.ly/FolHome> http://bit.ly/FolHome




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