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Tue Dec 11 10:05:44 PST 2007

Dear OpenSim user-
The OpenSim Team is pleased to announce the release of OpenSim 1.1, immediately available from the OpenSim project webpage at:
OpenSim 1.1 contains substantial enhancements. You can check the list on the OpenSim wiki page at
If you decide to migrate to OpenSim 1.1 then please note that you need to uninstall OpenSim 1.0.  You can do this by selecting:

All Programs -> OpenSim 1.0 -> Uninstall

When installing OpenSim 1.1 please make sure to select the radio-button to 

(x) Add OpenSim to the system PATH for all users.

when prompted during installation so that OpenSim can find the libraries it needs while running.

The community support forum is located at 


Please let us know your feedback,

-The OpenSim Team.
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