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Tue Sep 25 11:18:35 PDT 2007


Dear OpenSim user,
A new project has been created on simtk.org to provide utilities to help 
OpenSim users get started on using the software. To seed the project, a 
set of Matlab scripts to convert Motion Analysis motion capture data files
(TRC/ANC) to formats supported by OpenSim were provided. 

The url for the project is:

Please visit it and check it out if this sounds like something that 
would interest you, or if you have some utilities that you'd like to 
contribute that would be useful to the OpenSim user community at large.
Please send comments/feedback or suggestions to the OpenSim user forum at 

The OpenSim Team

Disclaimer: No guarantees, or support promises are made regarding the scripts that are part of the opensim-utils project. Use at your own risk.

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