[Opensim-announcement] OpenSim Project, how to contribute

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Thu Dec 2 12:07:40 PST 2010

Dear OpenSim user, 

If you are a new user or an experienced user of OpenSim you can contribute to the project in many different ways:

- Report bugs using the Help->Report Bug... option of the OpenSim Application's User Interface.

- Request features that you think would be useful using the Help-> Request Feature... option of the OpenSim Application.

- Participate in the user forum at https://simtk.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=282  This also serves as a good place to ask questions, get help and collaborate with other users working on similar problems.

- If you develop models and or plugins using the OpenSim API let us and the user community know about them using the above forum or the developers forum at https://simtk.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=283.

- If you'd like early access to new functionality coming down the pipeline and also help test new releases before they come out, please subscribe to the mailing list at https://simtk.org/mailman/listinfo/opensim-testers or let us know by email using the "contact" link on https://simtk.org/home/opensim.

- If you develop movies either demonstrating specific functionality or just a cool simulation that you made using OpenSim that you'd like to share, let us know and we'll post it to our gallery of examples, or otherwise make it available to the user community.

- If you have any other ideas or suggestions to help the user community please let us know about them using the user forum.
Best regards, 

-Ayman Habib
On behalf of Scott Delp and the OpenSim team.

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