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Fri Feb 26 16:31:49 PST 2010

Dear OpenSim users,

In the spirit of announcing software tools that are freely available and can be useful to the OpenSim user community, I'm forwarding the announcement below. Please contact the OpenSim team if you have any tools that fit this description. 

Best regards,

-Ayman Habib (On behalf of the OpenSim team)


MusculoGraphics has released version 1.0 of OpenSMAC, a free utility program that converts motion capture data into a format compatible with OpenSim. It outputs marker data in the TRC format and forceplate and EMG data in the MOT format. It supports most commonly used marker sets, forceplate types, and forceplate configurations.

The free version of OpenSMAC can import TRB and ANB files generated by a Motion Analysis system. Additionally, if you install it on a computer with a SIMM license including the Motion Module or C3D Module, OpenSMAC can also import and convert C3D files.

While primarily a data conversion utility, OpenSMAC also has some useful processing features. It rectifies and smooths EMG data, and can map each channel to multiple muscles in your OpenSim model. It automatically determines which foot contacts which forceplate, and if there is a foot strike on two or more forceplates at the same time, OpenSMAC will combine the forces into a single one. It also calculates heel strike and toe off events using marker trajectories and/or forceplate forces.

To download OpenSMAC, or to get more information, please go to: https://simtk.org/home/opensmac/


Please note that OpenSMAC is not developed or maintained by the OpenSim team.
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