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Mon Oct 15 15:02:31 PDT 2012

Dear OpenSim Users -

I am writing you with a few exciting updates.

OpenSim 3.0 Release and Webinar
Our next webinar will introduce OpenSim 3.0. You can download the software starting next Thursday, October 18, and tune into the webinar on Thursday at 9:30 am Pacific Standard Time.

We have added many new features, including model editing, scripting in Matlab, and improved muscle models. We've enhanced some of the existing OpenSim functionality, including the tools for visualizing forces and motion data. OpenSim 3.0 also includes a host of usability improvements for beginning users and advanced developers.

Webinar Details
Title: Introducing OpenSim 3.0
Time: 9:30 am PST, October 18, 2012
Speaker: Jennifer Hicks, Stanford University
Register and Read More Here

Fall Webinars
We have several outside webinar speakers lined up for the fall, including Zach Lerner from Colorado State University and B.J. Fregly and Carolynn Patten from the University of Florida. More details are coming soon and will be posted on the OpenSim webinar page.

CMBBE in Utah
For the first time, the International Symposius on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering is being held in the U.S., in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference, chaired by Jeffrey Weiss and Gerard Ateshian, will bring together researchers in computation biomechanics across scales and systems. We encourage you to participate in the symposium and submit abstracts. Read more here.

NMSBuilder Alpha Release Now Available
The NMS Physiome team just released the first version of NMSBuilder, a free and user-friendly software toolkit for developing OpenSim musculoskeletal models from patient-specific biomedical data. The alpha version of the NMSBuilder application, which integrates the multimodal data fusion functionalities of the Multimod Application Framework with the OpenSim API, has been released as freeware to the biomedical community. Read more and download the software here.

Go Biomechanics!   Scott

Scott L. Delp
James H. Clark Professor
Schools of Engineering and Medicine
Stanford University

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