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*Vote for OpenSim!*
You can help us win the NIH Song and Video Competition. Just watch and *Click
Like* for the OpenSim
The deadline is May 9th.

We are excited to be competing with this video in the NIH Common Fund Song
and Video Competition <http://commonfund.nih.gov/Contests/videos>. The top
4 or 5 videos with the most “Likes” on YouTube will be shown during the
Common Fund 10-Year Commemoration Symposium this June. We’d also appreciate
you forwarding this to others (including colleagues, friends, and family!).

*Congratulations to the Dynamic Walker Challenge Winners*
We are pleased to announce the winners of the OpenSim Dynamic Walker
Geena Doak, Matthew Handford, and Alex MacIntosh each created dynamic
walkers to traverse a complex terrain in OpenSim. See their
the OpenSim YouTube page.

*OpenSim Symposium at the World Congress of Biomechanics*
The World Congress of Biomechanics in Boston will feature a symposium
showcasing research from nine
the OpenSim community. The symposium is scheduled for the morning of
Thursday, July 10.  Learn more about the World Congress and register on the WCB
website <http://wcb2014.com/>.

*OpenSim Workshop at the Summer School on Neurorehabilitation*
Massimo Sartori and Monica Reggiani will lead an OpenSim workshop at SSNR
2014 in Baiona, Spain. Participants will be introduced to the theory behind
simulation of musculoskeletal movement in OpenSim, along with the framework
of the software architecture via hands on Matlab scripting exercises. Read
more and find out how to register on the workshop
website<http://www.ssnr2014.org/workshopMusculoskeletal.html>and the
2014 main page <http://www.ssnr2014.org>.

*New Shared Simulation Data for Running*
Sam Hamner has recently posted the full dataset from his study of multi-speed
running <https://simtk.org/home/nmbl_running>, so others can reproduce and
extend his work. Providing shared resources for the biomechanics community
is one of the core goals of the OpenSim project. We encourage you to share
your models and simulations after publication. Let us know if you do and
we'll add a link to our data library
<https://simtk.org/home/opensim_data/>or model
improve the visibility of your research.

*Jennifer Hicks, Ph.D.*
Associate Director |
R&D Manager | OpenSim <http://opensim.stanford.edu/>
Stanford University
650-498-4403 | jenhicks at stanford.edu
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