[Opensim-announcement] NIH supports OpenSim for five more years

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Tue Nov 24 09:16:20 PST 2015

Dear OpenSim Community Members,

We are excited to announce that the OpenSim project has secured an
additional five years of funding through the renewal of our NIH-funded National
Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research
<http://opensim.stanford.edu/> (NCSRR). We are grateful to everyone who
provided a letter of support for our renewal application, and we thank all
members of the community for contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the
project by participating in our forum, attending workshops, teaching with
OpenSim, and publishing excellent research.

In the coming years, the NCSRR will continue to support and expand the
OpenSim project by enhancing the OpenSim software platform and continuing
our Visiting Scholars
<http://web.stanford.edu/group/opensim/support/scholars.html>, Pilot Project
<http://web.stanford.edu/group/opensim/support/pilot.html>, OpenSim Fellows
<http://web.stanford.edu/group/opensim/support/fellows.html>, workshop
and online
training <http://web.stanford.edu/group/opensim/support/index.html> programs.
Some specific plans for the next year include the following:

   - We'll announce the call for applications to our *Summer 2016 Visiting
   Scholars Program* by the end of the year.
   - We'll start accepting *Pilot Project Program* applications this spring.
   - We continue to accept applicants to the OpenSim Fellows program and
   will start planning for the first *Fellows Symposium*.
   - We'll explore new formats for our training and support, including
a *virtual
   workshop *and *developer's hackathon*.
   - We will release *OpenSim 4.0* with a host of enhancements, such as a
   new visualizer and streamlined data import.

We want your feedback to better understand how best to continue evolving
the project. In the next few weeks, we will send out a short survey to get
your input and feel free to send your ideas and feedback via email at

Best wishes,

*Jennifer Hicks, Ph.D.*
Director of Data Science | Mobilize Center <http://mobilize.stanford.edu>
Associate Director | NCSRR
R&D Manager | OpenSim <http://opensim.stanford.edu/>
Stanford University
650-498-4403 | jenhicks at stanford.edu
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