[Opensim-announcement] Consultations Available for Biomechanical Modeling or Machine Learning Questions

Joy P. Ku joyku at stanford.edu
Wed Dec 16 10:43:50 PST 2020

Consultations Available for Biomechanical Modeling or Machine Learning Questions

The Mobilize Center<https://mobilize.stanford.edu/> and the Restore Center<https://restore.stanford.edu/> are offering a Virtual Office Hours program to support researchers working with wearable sensors, video technology, and other modalities in rehabilitation research. Researchers can apply for 30-minute consultations in one of two tracks: 1) Biomechanical modeling with OpenSim<https://opensim.stanford.edu/> and/or inertial measurement units (IMUs<https://simtk-confluence.stanford.edu/display/OpenSim/OpenSense+-+Kinematics+with+IMU+Data>), and 2) Machine learning, including video analysis. All phases of a research project are supported, such as formulating a research question, choosing and planning appropriate methods, and addressing issues with carrying out the study. Application deadline: January 8, 2021.  Learn more<https://mobilize.stanford.edu/2020/12/11/apply-to-participate-in-virtual-office-hours-for-biomechanical-modeling-or-machine-learning-research-questions/>

Joy P. Ku, PhD
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Director of Communications and Engagement | Mobilize Center<https://mobilize.stanford.edu/>
Director of Promotions and Didactic Interactions | Restore Center<https://restore.stanford.edu/>
Director of Communications and Training | NCSRR<https://opensim.stanford.edu/>
Stanford University
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