[Opensim-testers] Mac OSX Build

guillaume rao guillaume.rao at univmed.fr
Tue Apr 13 23:34:52 PDT 2010

Hello all, 
that's great to give a try to a mac version :-) Thanks for the work!

I tried to run the examples (2354) from the command line and couldn't go farther than scaling the model. here are the end of the outputs of the terminal :

Step 3: Placing markers on model
Loaded marker file /Developer/OpenSim202mac/examples/Gait2354_Simbody/subject01_static.trc (49 markers, 300 frames)
Averaged frames from time 1 to 2 in /Developer/OpenSim202mac/examples/Gait2354_Simbody/subject01_static.trc (frames 61 to 121)
Deleted 0 unused markers from model subject01
Marker Tasks:
	Sternum: weight 1 from file (columns 93-95)
	R.Acromium: weight 1 from file (columns 96-98)
	L.Acromium: weight 1 from file (columns 99-101)
	Top.Head: weight 1 from file (columns 144-146)

I removed all the markers here

	L.Midfoot.Lat: weight 1 from file (columns 87-89)
	L.Toe.Lat: weight 1 from file (columns 132-134)
	L.Toe.Med: weight 1 from file (columns 135-137)
	L.Toe.Tip: weight 1000 from file (columns 90-92)
Unprescribed Coordinate Tasks (with nonzero weight):
	subtalar_angle_r: weight 1000 constant target value of 0
	mtp_angle_r: weight 1000 constant target value of 0
	subtalar_angle_l: weight 1000 constant target value of 0
	mtp_angle_l: weight 1000 constant target value of 0
	lumbar_extension: weight 1000 constant target value of 0

Solving IK trial: 
Using Ipopt optimizer algorithm.
Bus error

I don't understand why I have to run an Inverse Kinematics step during the scaling. No model is created and I can't run the IK command after that. 
Thanks in advance for the answers!
Best regards


Guillaume Rao, PhD
Institute of Movement Sciences 
University of the Mediterranean, 
Marseille, France. 
E-mail: guillaume.rao at univmed.fr
Phone: +33 (0) 4 91 17 04 22


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