[Opensim-testers] OpenSim Beta Testing: Release 2.2.1

Jennifer Hicks jenhicks at stanford.edu
Thu Mar 31 16:43:05 PDT 2011

Dear OpenSim Testers,

A release candidate of OpenSim 2.2.1 has been placed on the downloads page
of OpenSim under the package name "OpenSim Release Betas":

Please give it a spin and reply to this list with a description of any
issues you discover.  We are planning a public release on Wednesday 4/6, so
please get back to us as soon as possible with any problems.

Currently, the release is available on Windows.  There are two versions
available--for Visual Studio 8 Pro and Visual Studio 9 Pro.  If you are not
using the API, you may download either version.

For specific testing activities, there is a list of tasks available at:

Feel free to pick any subset of these tasks.  Let us know which tasks you
have completed, by using the Task Manger or responding to this list, so that
efforts aren't duplicated.  Installing the application, trying to continue
your regular use of OpenSim, and reporting any issues would be a great help.
You can also try the APIExample or building a plugin. If you attended the
most recent OpenSim workshop and encountered issues, please check to see if
they have been resolved in this release.

***If you do find an issue or bug, please include the model, data, and setup
files that produce the problem.***

Thanks for your help and we look forward to your feedback.

On behalf of the OpenSim team

Jennifer L. Hicks, Ph.D.
OpenSim Project Manager
Stanford University
jenhicks at stanford.edu
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