[Opensim-testers] OpenSim 3.0.1 Beta Testing

Jennifer Hicks jenhicks at stanford.edu
Tue Jan 29 10:55:59 PST 2013

Beta Testers -

We need your help testing OpenSim 3.0.1! You'll find it on the OpenSim
downloads page, under "OpenSim Release Betas". We've fixed several bugs
reported by users and added some new scripting capabilities and examples.

Some specific things we're looking for help testing:
 - Scripting in Matlab and the GUI: all of the OpenSim API should now be
- The new Matlab optimization example
- GUI scripting to plot against a motion and plot moments/moment-arms (see

Also, please help us verify the bug fixes:
- The checkbox to always load a plugin should work
- Iterative scaling in the GUI should behave as expected
- SIMM export should be up and running
- You should be able to report forces from ligaments in the ForceReporter

There are no major changes to the underlying OpenSim API, so your research
workflows should otherwise remain unaffected by the upgrade.

Please let us know what worked and what didn't by sending me a short email (
jenhicks at stanford.edu).

Thanks in advance for your help!

*Jennifer Hicks, Ph.D.*
Associate Director |
R&D Manager | OpenSim <http://opensim.stanford.edu/>
Stanford University
650-498-4403 | jenhicks at stanford.edu
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