[Opensim-testers] OpenSim 3.1 Beta Testing

Jennifer Hicks jenhicks at stanford.edu
Tue Jun 11 12:55:41 PDT 2013

Beta Testers -

We need your help testing the next release of OpenSim - version 3.1. We'd
appreciate feedback by the end of this week, if possible. Let us know what
works and what needs improvement.

*Scroll Down to "Release Betas"*

I've included a list of new features and examples for you to try below.
Please also try out the software with your usual workflows and note any
bugs or issues with upgrading.

Thanks in advance for your help!

*New Features in 3.1*

1) Metabolic calculators that estimate cost during motion for the whole
body or individual muscles. See the new

2) Interactive simulation tools, including a run button for forward
simulation and coord velocity

3) An expanded modeling toolbox for designing assistive devices and other
mechanisms. The new components can interface with the OpenSim workflow
(e.g. computed muscle control) and are editable in the GUI. Where
appropriate, they are visualized. The new components (plus links to
doxygen) include:

   - A spring that acts along a
   - A clutched path
   - An expression based
applies torques as a symbolic function of deflections
   - An expression based point to point
applies forces as a function of deflection and deflection speed
   - A planar joint<https://simtk.org/api_docs/opensim/api_docs31/classOpenSim_1_1PlanarJoint.html>

You can see many of these in action in the new example on building a dynamic

4) An enhanced scripting
Matlab, Python, and the GUI. Improvements include:

   - Expanded instructions for Matlab
   - Exposure of nearly all of the OpenSim API, including key Simbody
   dynamics objects and functions
   - Usability improvements (e.g. autocomplete in Matlab and shortcuts to
   find and run recent scripts)
   - Improved error handling and reporting
   - Expanded plotting capabilites (e.g. to plot Millard muscle curves and
   threshold values)
   - A 64-bit build of OpenSim libraries for 64-bit Matlab.

You can see the interface in action in the new examples on building a dynamic

5) Performance improvements and fixes to memory leaks and bugs

6) Expanded GUI editing capabilities for path components (PathSpring,
Ligament, etc.) to enable editing like with muscles

6) New examples, including:

   - Simulation based-design of assistive devices to reduce metabolic
   - Building a dynamic

*Jennifer Hicks, Ph.D.*
Associate Director |
R&D Manager | OpenSim <http://opensim.stanford.edu/>
Stanford University
650-498-4403 | jenhicks at stanford.edu
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