[Opensim-testers] OpenSim 4.0 Beta Testing

Ayman Habib ahabibsu at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 11:04:09 PST 2017

OpenSim Beta Testers -

We need your help testing the new release of OpenSim - version 4.0. Even
testing just one or two tasks is a big help to us. The new release is a
major upgrade. OpenSim 4.0 includes a new visualizer and support for Mac OS
X. For Matlab, Python, and C++ users, the API upgrades include new methods
to extract results from models/simulations and a new data interface that
makes it easier to get data in and out of OpenSim.

We created a google doc that lists a variety of testing tasks, including
the new features to try out. Please review the instructions, register,
choose some tasks by marking your name in the sheet, and report back on the
doc. You can also try out the new release with your own research workflow
and report any bugs on the "Bugs" sheet.

Beta Testing Tasks

You can find the beta of 4.0 on the OpenSim downloads page. Scroll down to
"OpenSim Release Betas". Grab the latest installers/distributions (121517),
for either 64-bit Windows or Mac OS X, depending on which platform is on
your machine.

Software Download links:

Win64: download

OS X:  download

Please don't hesitate to send any questions or feedback via email as well.
Thanks in advance for your help!

The OpenSim Team


Install instructions:

 OS X:


- Double click the  pkg file you downloaded (if you get security warning,
ignore it and use ctrl-click to launch instead)

- Follow the instructions on the installer screen.

Windows (64bit only):


- Unzip the zip file you downloaded

- Launch by double click on the bin/opensim64.exe executable (create
desktop shortcut if desired)

- On first launch you will be prompted to copy the Models to a directory of
your choice (a reasonable default Documents/OpenSim40 is provided, note
that for future use)
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