[Runningsim-news] how to use motion file for running simulation? Model just seems to drop...

Audette, Michel A. maudette at odu.edu
Thu Jun 5 14:34:16 PDT 2014

Dear members of the Running Sim Community, 

I would like to find out how to properly use the motion file subject02_running_grf.mot for this running simulator from FullBodyModel_Hamner2010_v2_0.osim . The musculoskeletal model does not seem to animate per se, but rather drops due to gravity. I would think that loading the motion file would take care of that, if I understand the tutorials correctly. I am using OpenSim 3.1. 

Thanks for your kind consideration. 

Best wishes, 
Michel Audette, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
Department of Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering,
Old Dominion University,
Norfolk, VA.
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