[Opensim-announcement] Webinar: Computational Models to Test Hypotheses in Motor Control + Guinea Fowl Model Now Available

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Webinar: Computational Models of Reaching to Test Hypotheses in Motor Control
February 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time
We invite you to join us for a webinar featuring Mazen Al Borno from Stanford University. In this webinar, Dr. Al Borno will highlight his computational experiments to elicit a new understanding of 1) the relationship between movement speed and accuracy, known as the speed-accuracy tradeoff, and  2) the feasibility of muscle synergies, represented by a low-dimensional controller, to produce the rich and flexible behaviors seen in everyday movements. Learn more and register<https://stanford.webex.com/stanford/onstage/g.php?MTID=ec424d87e4a7fafee5b0c6c7832620354>
Model of the Guinea Fowl Pelvic Limb Available on SimTK
Past OpenSim Visiting Scholar Suzanne Cox from Pennsylvania State University and colleagues have developed a guinea fowl (Numida meliagris) pelvic limb model and made it freely available on SimTK for others to use. Dr. Cox, et al. utilized the model to explore how activation and tendon compliance interact to influence muscle operating lengths and force-generating capacity. Read more about their study and the model in the Integrative Organismal Biology publication<https://academic.oup.com/iob/article/1/1/obz022/5568294>. Download the model<http://simtk.org/projects/guineafowl>

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