Fw: [Opensim-testers] Release candidate for OpenSim 2.0.2 is available

Ayman Habib ahabib at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 11 13:26:45 PDT 2010

Thanks very much MoonKi. 

I noted the issue and we'll fix it in the next release. I'm forwarding to the mailing list so that other testers are aware of the issue and can proceed with other tasks.

All the best,

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Hi, Ayman.

I downloaded and tested OpenSim 2.0.2.

Followings are my system specifications:
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista 32 Business Korean Edition
IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Korean Edition

According to your task list, I tried to two tasks.

73. Install successfully on Windows Vista machine -> OK
75. Build and install Plugin example with VC8 (on Windows Vista)-> Failed, but solved

I tried to build the plugin in the ‘C:\Program Files\OpenSim 2.0\sdk\examples\plugin’ folder. 
But when I tried to compile the solution that is created by CMAKE, I could see an error message in my Visual Studio.

c:\program files\opensim 2.0\sdk\include\simtk\include\SimTKcommon/internal/ThreadLocal.h(35) : fatal error C1083: 'pthread.h': No such file or directory

Because ‘pthread.h’ file is included in the ‘C:\Program Files\OpenSim 2.0\sdk\include\SimTK\include\Win32' folder, I added this folder to addition directories for header files. 
Then I could build the solution and I could add the plugin to OpenSim 2.0.2. Of course I could get the result of plugin.
I hope I can contribute to the testing of OpenSim. I always appreciate your effort of developing this great software.

Best regards,

P.S) I think that most of the problems of OpenSim on Windows7 can be solved by the account setting of Window7. 
That is to use ‘Administrator’ account. Most people do not recommend us to use this ‘Administrator’ account, but I think that to use this Administrator account is the easiest way to avoid the problems on Window7.


2010/4/11 Ayman Habib <ahabib at stanford.edu>

  Dear All, 

  A release candidate of OpenSim 2.0.2. has been placed on the downloads page of OpenSim under the package name "OpenSim Release Betas", please give it a spin and send your findings to this list. As of now the release is only available on Windows (and built with VisualStudio 8 Professional ). Both linux and MAC builds of the OpenSim libraries will be available early next week. For specific testing activities, I created a list of tasks, available at 


  Feel free to pick any subset of these and let us know so that the effort is not duplicated. Just installing the application, and trying the APIExample, plugin or trying to continue your regular use of OpenSim and reporting any issues would be a great help.

  The release contains primarily bug fixes and a couple minor changes to the GUI.

  Thanks all for your time & welcome to the team. I sure look forward to your feedback.

  On behalf of the OpenSim team

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