[Opensim-testers] Re: Test results for OpenSim 2.0.2 on Windows 7

Ayman Habib ahabib at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 15 00:39:44 PDT 2010

Hi Moonki,

Thanks for the feedback. I made a change based on your earlier report so that (on Windows) the headers included under sdk/include/SimTK/include/Win32 in 2.0.2 Beta are now installed under sdk/include/SimTK/include instead. This was done to have a layout similar to stock simtk installs so that users can use other simtk installations if they want to, and also in order not to complicate the CMakeLists.txt files with having one more include directory (only for Windows). 

The reason we used *.cpp, *.h instead of specific file names is so that users can rename the files without having to change the CMakeLists.txt file but if that's problematic then please let me know and we can adjust. 

Thanks for the find regarding the default path, I'll revert it to be "C:/Program Files/OpenSim 2.0/" per your recommendation.


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  Hi, Ayman.

  I did some additional tests of OpenSim 2.0.2 on Windows7.

  74 Install successfully on Windows7 machine -> OK
  76 Build and install Plugin example with VC8 Windows7 -> OK(But some modifications needed)

  I attached the modified ‘CMakeList.txt’ file for plugin example.

  The original ‘CMakeList.txt’ file in the ‘C:/Program Files/OpenSim 2.0/sdk/examples/plugin’ should be modified in Windows 7.

  I wrote the changed portion here:

  -> SET(HEADER_FILES osimPluginDLL.h AnalysisPlugin_Template.h RegisterTypes_osimPlugin.h)
  -> SET(SOURCE_FILES AnalysisPlugin_Template.cpp RegisterTypes_osimPlugin.cpp)

  SET(OPENSIM_INSTALL_DIR "C:/Program Files/OpenSim 2.0.2/" CACHE PATH "Top-level directory of OpenSim install")
  -> SET(OPENSIM_INSTALL_DIR "C:/Program Files/OpenSim 2.0/" CACHE PATH "Top-level directory of OpenSim install")

  SET(SIMTK_HEADERS_DIR2 ${OPENSIM_INSTALL_DIR}/sdk/include/SimTK/include/Win32)

  And also AnalysisPlugin_Template::step should be modified. But this is a well-known issue.

  Best regards,

  2010/4/11 Ayman Habib <ahabib at stanford.edu>

    Dear All, 

    A release candidate of OpenSim 2.0.2. has been placed on the downloads page of OpenSim under the package name "OpenSim Release Betas", please give it a spin and send your findings to this list. As of now the release is only available on Windows (and built with VisualStudio 8 Professional ). Both linux and MAC builds of the OpenSim libraries will be available early next week. For specific testing activities, I created a list of tasks, available at 


    Feel free to pick any subset of these and let us know so that the effort is not duplicated. Just installing the application, and trying the APIExample, plugin or trying to continue your regular use of OpenSim and reporting any issues would be a great help.

    The release contains primarily bug fixes and a couple minor changes to the GUI.

    Thanks all for your time & welcome to the team. I sure look forward to your feedback.

    On behalf of the OpenSim team

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