[Opensim-testers] muscle analysis bug with locked coordinates

Ayman Habib ahabib at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 18 21:49:42 PDT 2010

Good find, just fixed it. Now you get an Exception thrown that:

Cooridnate xxx is locked and can't be varied... Aborting.

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  Subject: [Opensim-testers] muscle analysis bug with locked coordinates

  When running a MuscleAnalysis on a model with locked joints and the locked joint is included in the <moment_arm_coordinate_list>, the program crashes (in the GUI and command prompt). 

  Load ARM26 model
  Lock a coordinate (i.e. r_shoulder_elev)
  Run the attached analysis

  I suppose if a coordinate is locked, then it does not make sense to obtain moment arms or moments about that joint, but perhaps an error message would suffice (rather than crashing).



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