[Opensim-testers] ik on mac osx

Ayman Habib ahabib at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 18 20:36:58 PDT 2010

Hi Guillaume

I'm suspecting it's an issue with the SimTKLapack library that we include in 
the distribution and use to solve various math problems. Could you try an 
install  of SimTKCore 2.0.1 separately and put the .dylib libraries from 
SimTKCore into the front of the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH?

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Hello all,
I tried several times to run IK on mac osx 10.6.3 with ipopt and I always 
get a "bus" error.

When I try with cfsqp, I get an error saying that the library is not found : 
Can't perform operation: Could not load CFSQP library 'libosimCFSQP.so': 
dlopen(libosimCFSQP.so, 9): image not found CFSQP optimizer algorithm 

Using the jacobian option, the ik eventually ran :-)

Is someone having the same bug?

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